Eagle, CO

apparently eagle is the affordable suburb of Vail, CO. It has an airport that folks use to get in an out of the area. A Lear 60 female pilot stayed at the hotel and explained that she was taking three ladies here and then to Boca Raton today. I guess that is thar actual “jet set” of people with more material wealth than I can comprehend.

Sitting in a swing-chair outside the hotel waiting for folks to be ready to ride.  


  1. White doge pickup carried spare stuff,firewood, and essentials such as beer & firewood.

My view from the swing.

Every morning we start a little later as folks begin to tire from the riding. It has been quite an adventure.

We were supposed to camp at Sylvan Lake last night but the Forest service has closed the road leAving the park that we had planned total ethics morning… So we stayed at this Holiday Inn Express.  Plan is to be in Salida tonight and start driving East in the morning.


Lake City

beautiful day. Got my first flat tire after picking up a nail on a gravel rosd😝

Went to a local National Forest.  Rode through dirt and rocks.  Did not fall or get hurt today, so all’s good.

There has been enough rain that there are lots of flowers even in July.

There has been enough rain that there are lots of flowers even in July.

The sky is very blue and the contrast with the  green foliage and brown/tan soil is pretty different than Maryland.

Stopped to take some pictures

Stopped to take some pictures

goofing off when we went for a short shake down ride near the hotel

goofing off when we went for a short shake down ride near the hotel


we got in last night about half past ten…

Stayed at the Gateway Inn last night and at the Days inn tonight. The town is supposed to have a terrific fireworks display set off from a hill above the town so we may enjoy that tomorrow night from where we camp.

I got the Yamaha WR250R out of Jack’s trailer and rode so dirt roAds and some trails for the first time with the load of stuff I can camp with. First time in a river bank of sand was sketchy but I did not fall, but have not ridden in that enough to really relax with my arms.

I can hear Brian Autry telling me to look up and further down the trail, why when I do helps immensely. Rain showers this afternoon


not much here but crops, or were crops were.


truck. kicks up dust tail heading North



the Backcountry Discovery Routes are dirt roads across states. 


I am going to try to follow the CO and UT routes this summer.  Instead of starting a new blog, I’ll put some stuff here. I will not have connectivity so it will likely be sparse updates.


BDR 2015

Tried the Polish Sausage here.

Tried the Polish Sausage here.


Saint Louis, Missouri mighty Mississippi and me

Yosemite day one

We got to the park as they changed the sign from all campgrounds full to blank. I talked to the ranger on best ways to get one tomorrow. Mark Gsellman, my brother-in-law, is going to meet us there and we’ll get to camp one night with them if all goes well.

Got to see the park from Glacier Point and the Valley, but did not go around to the North side yet. Just too much to do for the time we have to see it all. Life is like that, we’re bless to see all the miracles


Seems like I should be planning where to ride to this summer. I haven’t started yet, much less ridden much since I got back from the epic ride. Did a trip to visit a buddy in South Carolina to work on the car. It runs on the road for the first time in ~15 years. First time with 401 power. but that should be a different blog.

Any ideas where to head this summer? any one?

bodies recovered in Yosemite

recaps that they found the bodies in the river. I guess they were trapped against rocks and with the water level dropping, they were found.