Yosemite day one

We got to the park as they changed the sign from all campgrounds full to blank. I talked to the ranger on best ways to get one tomorrow. Mark Gsellman, my brother-in-law, is going to meet us there and we’ll get to camp one night with them if all goes well.

Got to see the park from Glacier Point and the Valley, but did not go around to the North side yet. Just too much to do for the time we have to see it all. Life is like that, we’re bless to see all the miracles


Seems like I should be planning where to ride to this summer. I haven’t started yet, much less ridden much since I got back from the epic ride. Did a trip to visit a buddy in South Carolina to work on the car. It runs on the road for the first time in ~15 years. First time with 401 power. but that should be a different blog.

Any ideas where to head this summer? any one?

bodies recovered in Yosemite

recaps that they found the bodies in the river. I guess they were trapped against rocks and with the water level dropping, they were found.

My World Championship Video

Yamaha decided to document my participation in the World Championship by including my image in this documentary on YouTube.

You can see me at the 2:15 mark standing in my teal pants next to Nathan.

That is about how close I’ll ever get to winning a World Championship.

So you wanna do a long ride…

here are some ways you can get your Easy Rider on…

Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Moto Quest Tours

Edleviss Bike Tours

The Lost Adventure

without all the planning I had to do, or even your own motorcycle. These guys do all the work, you bring all the money. Some are street, some are off-road, some are both. Let me know if you are going, perhaps I can tag along. – Paul

Whale in Kalmath River

In case you were wondering, the whale is still there.

Here’s another blog that is covering the whale.


Home safely

We rode from Peoria, IL to Saintleonard yesterday. We got home around 9pm and then slept until about 9 am. Nathan has all his gear off the bike and washed it. I am much slower but have all the stuff off the bike, I just need to start cleaning and repairing.

Found some loose screws and other maintenave things that need doing. That was a quick two weeks of riding.
Hope you enjoyed following along.


Back in Md

Just crossed into western md. Hopefully will be home around 9-10. It’s been a long trip. Can’t believe it’s coming to an end though.

Somewhere in Iowa

Just got into Iowa abut half an hour ago and are stopped at dirt queen for a break. Not sure how far we are going to day bit breaking into Illinois seems reasonable enough. Could go further depending on how we feel.



Nebraska and eastern CO are both gently rolling hills with grass & scrubs.


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